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Clash of Clans Hack & Cheats 2015

We are your #1 source of free gems since 2013! We are the original creators of this hack and we’re glad you finally found our website. Continue reading or start our cheat immediately using the button below.


Instructions on how to use the new online hack
1) Visit the online Clash of Clans Hack (generator) page using the green button above.
2) Enter the account name of the person you want to generate resources for. It could be anyone, including you or your friends.
3) Choose how much elixir, gold and gems you would like to generate for that account. You can generate up-to 100k of each resource each time you use it.
4) Click “Generate” and wait for the resources to be added to your account. It could take a few minutes.

Clash of Clans Gems Hack PROOF

Note: There is no need to read any further information on this page if all you want to do is run our hack, you can just click on the button above, it will take you to an online generator that you can use to generate free gems, gold and elixir for yours and your friends CoC  accounts. You will not have to download anything and all you need to apply the hack is an internet browser (on your phone too) and the account username!

Currently WORKING features of the online generator (last update: 16-03-2014 DD-MM-YYY):

  • Gems Generator
  • Elixir Generator
  • Gold Generator
  • Works on all platforms
  • Undetectable in 2014!!

Our goal was to create a working Clash of Clans Hack will allow you to get gems for free along with other highly needed resources (full list above) resources. We have succeeded and provided you with a working solution for months, that was a downloadable software that you could you to generate resources for your CoC account. This method is no longer functional and we have a released a brand new ONLINE Clash of Clans Hack Tool. You will no longer need to download anything to hack Clash of Clans, all you need is an internet browser and you can even do it on your phone! :)

coc hack generator page
This is what our online generator looks like!

Today we have released a brand new version of our hack. It’s very simple to use and contains the most desired features that Clash of Clan players have asked to add. I’m talking about a gem hack, elixir hack and gold hack.  Our Clash of Clans cheats allow you to generate those resources very quickly. You’ve probably imagined yourself with 99 milions of gems very often! Guess what, now you can generate them in SECONDS and the whole process of getting your free gems/elixir/gold is very simple. All you have to do is enter the username of any player, choose how many resources you want to generate and click one button! It’s that simple!

Clash of Clans Hack – VIDEO PROOF

Note: All cheats included in this have been thoroughly tested by us and they are working but this video shows the old version of our cheat that is no longer available. We keep it so you can see that our stuff works and to remind you how complicated it used to be to generate resources – you had to download a program on your PC etc. Now it’s a lot simpler since all you have to do is visit a website and insert the name of your account!

16-03-2015 (DD-MM-YYY)

This is all you need to know in order to generate your free gems, gold and elixir. Do it now by clicking the button belowor continue reading…

sufiles clash of clans hackclick here to access the generator if you can’t see the button above

Do you wish to completely dominate everyone you know in Clash of Clans?

It has never been simpler to become an unbeatable player of this game with the most powerful villages around. All you need in order for that to happen is to get a decent amount of gems, Supercell obviously wants you to buy as many of them as you possibly can since this is how they earn money. And trust me, they earn a lot. If you’re rich in real life and are able to spend hundreds of dollars on a game then you don’t need to use our generator, but if you’re not willing to spend your hard earned money on CoC then you should seriously consider generating resources using the Clash of Clan hack you can find on this page. At this point you must have seen the list of features that are currently included in it, but let me remind you again – you can use the hack (basically an online generator) to generate any number of gold, elixir or even gems for your or your friends! All you need is the power of our generator that includes the famous Clash of Clans Gem Hack. It will add the resources to the account you specify within seconds and you will be able to spend them on anything you want and Supercell will never find out! Normally in order to get some gems, you would have to buy them from the in-game shop, paying with your credit card. No more of that! It’s time for the Clash of Clans Hack to shine!

Make sure to download from reputable sources!

If you have been looking to hack Clash of Clans for long enough, you surely stumbled upon plenty of websites offering “working hacks” for this game. Some are free (and give you a virus) and for some you’ll have to pay (but they won’t work). At this point you’re either testing different software to find the one that works or you’re deciding which hack to download/use. Here’s a word of advice: be extra careful when you’re searching for anything that has to do with cheating or hacking since you will encounter a lot of websites that are built for one reason: to trick you into downloading software that will infect your computer with a virus that can then steal your credit card information etc. You will obviously not get infected here, since this is not a downloadable program but an online generator that works in your browser only. If you have downloaded a file from an untrusted source then you should always scan it, if the file size isn’t too big then it’s best to use an online virus scanning service like! What we’re showing you today are the first working CoC cheats so any website that tells you something else is a scam, even the hack recently shared on reddit isn’t really working (at least for me). You have been warned! Update: That last bit is no longer true since a few groups have recently released a working CoC hack, compatible with both ios and android but they are being constantly updated and are not safe for your account at the moment, people who use them are being banned each time the anti-cheat software gets updated. This is obviously not the case with the hacks provided by SuFiles since they are 100% undetectable. For Supercell employees checking your account it looks like you either bought some gems, paying with a credit card or earned them whilst playing.

Should you be using the Clash of Clans Free Gems Generator?

Well that is up to you, isn’t it? Some people would say that this is completely immoral and we’re ruining the gaming experience for everyone else. But we’re not, Supercell is, by making all of their games “Pay2Win”, you don’t need to have any skill to be a great player, all you need is a lot of money to buy some gems and as long as you’re smarter than a 3 year old baby, you’re going to be a “better player” than those who didn’t have the money to buy extra gems. If you don’t generate them, you will have much chances to compete against people who spend $16k per day on microtransactions in-game (yes, this is the correct amount). It’s not fair, correct? Also, Supercell is already the most profitable mobile game developing company in the world because of this game! It’s not going to hurt them if a few hundred people stop buying gems and instead generate them. I’m sure not that many people will actually be able to find this website since it’s not really advertised anywhere etc.

More about Clash of Clan and a mini-review!

There is absolutely no doubt that this is currently the #1 of all mobile strategy games on all platforms, many have tried to beat it but no one has yet succeeded. It is one of the most profitable apps ever made on both Android and iOs – it’s responsible for 100s of thousands of dollars in profit EVERY SINGLE DAY! You only need to take a look at its facebook fanpage with over 1000000 likes to figure out that this game is really succesfull. And most of your friends are probably playing it everyday (and spending hundreds of dollars on gems when they could just use the Clash of Clans Gem Hack – it’s up to you if you tell them about it though!). The game has been developed by a Finnish studio called Supercell, you might also recognize them from titles such as Boom Beach that they have released recently. It’s basically a clone of CoC but set in different times and full of hackers. That game has been somewhat successfull too but nowhere near as their previous title that we’re talking about today. All of their games are very similar to Travian or FarmVille that you might be more familiar with. The graphics are of very high quality and the UI is designed very well, you can clearly see that it was their number one priority to make this game look good. They also try to sell you gems from the second you start the game, they’re going to be really sad when they hear that you can generate free gems here. Anyway, you start the game with pretty much nothing and just like in every other mobile strategy game, you gradually construct more buildings and the expansion process itself also looks exactly like in other games of this type. You need a gold mine to get the main currency which is obviously gold and a magic fluid (kind of like in Asterix&Obelix) elixir, these are being extracted from various sources found underneath our awesome village… and then there obviously are the infamous gems that you can buy with your real money. You can use them to buy gold and elixir too. That’s why it’s nice to have all the Clash of Clans Hack Tool and Cheats to gain an advantage over these who buy gems!

You might also be interested in one of our newest and most wanted hacks around and I’m pretty sure that it will be useful for you since there is a big chance you use Instagram, right? If you do, then our new Instagram Followers Hack is something you should check.


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  8. I didn’t believe it myself at first, but this clash of clan cheat does in fact work… Finally…

    • Yes there is a survey but it’s because of spammers and abusers!! I’ve actually spent a few minutes to do that damn free survey and I dont regret it because this hack worked for me!! so shut up -_-

  9. Alright man I’ve actually tried to download it and it worked for me too so I take back what I said… :)

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  28. I decided to try and use this generator to get 10k gems for my girlfriend since she spends way too much money on this damn game! I’m aware that most of hacks for games like this are scams, but I decided to try this one anyway since my friend recommended it. At first the gems didn’t show up in the account but after about an hour of waiting they’re here!! Thank you :)

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